About Me

Hi, I am Susann.

I am the mother of a toddler who has been living between worlds the past years: Germany, Bali and Sri Lanka. Here you can read about my journey, and how I ended up doing what I am doing now.

After more than eight years in my chosen home Berlin, I strongly felt the urge to leave, that there is something else out there. Until then I had been working in a travel & incentive agency, and later on in a PR-agency. I travelled throughout Europe and felt pretty content. But even though the city felt like home, with all my lovely friends & my family, there was something in me that was stronger than all of that. I tried to ignore the feeling for a bit, but it became stronger and stronger. So I decided to go again.


A place close to the ocean where I could surf. Combined with a fulfilling job that would pay the bills. Those were my criteria. Two years later my opportunity showed up: I had the chance to work in an Ayurveda Hotel in Sri Lanka as a marketing, reservations and guest relation manager. I immediately knew: THIS IS IT. Three months later I called the tropical island my home. I had exactly, what I wanted. A job that paid the bills and that I enjoyed, surfing during leisure time and all of that in a tropical paradise.


Even though I was working in my dream professional area, I discovered an old pattern after two years. I felt trapped amidst too many fixed structures, no freedom for intuition, more working by clock. This neither served my creativity, nor my productivity or health. 2017 I decided to turn my freelancing career into my own business.


I renovated an old Sri Lankan House together with two friends and opened a guest house. Sometimes life has different plans though, and only one year later I found myself on Bali, together with my Sri Lankan partner, and gave birth to our son. Since then I have been travelling between Germany and the island. The different cultures and influences have not only been shaping my personal lifestyle but also my business methods.

With all my life- & working experience I am empowering people to convert their stories, visions and passions into a holistic brand appearance with authentic content.
I am doing this in my own rhythm. I am more creative and more productive than ever before and can still create space for other aspects of my life that matter to me.


I am a free spirit. I love nature, my family, my friends, and the ocean. To balance myself, I love to surf, go for walks, do yoga, energy work, and QiGong. Other than that I give Reiki sessions – to myself and others. I enjoy being with friends but also need my alone-time. Love my rituals and ceremonies.

My interests are also reflected in my focus areas when it comes to my services: my focus topics  They include a lifestyle centred around nature and its cycles as well as a holistic lifestyle, healthy food, healing, travelling, foreign cultures, slow travelling and sustainable traveling & feminine leadership.  And then there are Passion Projects: I love to see & empower people follow their passions and turning them into their reality.

 Are you ready to live your dream?

I am so curious to hear the story of your journey and exchange thoughts with you.

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