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About Holistic Content & Susann

Hello there, I’m Susann. I’m a holistic coach for women, a copywriter, a marketing expert, and a Reiki practitioner. I live with my son and husband, sometimes in Germany, and sometimes in Asia (Bali & Sri Lanka).

After 15+ years as an employee in marketing, incentive, and PR firms, I initially worked as a freelancer before transitioning to self-employment in 2020 with my own online business, Holistic Content.

Holistic Content is your space for holistic business growth. This space revolves around you. It’s your safe space, even in a business context, where you can just be. My offerings are designed to help you build and evolve your business holistically, enabling you to authentically step into visibility – for a business life in harmony with your nature.

I offer you guidance and support so that you can develop and realize yourself in your business with full (self-)confidence, clarity, and focus.

The journey

toward online business

In 2015, I followed my inner calling to break away from my safe environment and embark on a new journey. I wanted to live by the sea – and have been doing so regularly ever since. 

Gradually, I built up an online business, allowing me to commute between Bali and Germany initially, and now between Sri Lanka and Germany. What may sound like a jet-set lifestyle is more of a slow living approach, which always allows ample time for settling in and integrating. I work 99% online, location-independent, and internationally because it aligns well with my current lifestyle.

Initially, I started with what I could: marketing, writing, PR. Later on, I continuously tuned into what truly fulfilled me, leading me to holistic coaching & healing. Creating space for women to follow their calling and evolve, even when it doesn’t always align with others’ expectations. 

Just like you, I am constantly evolving and growing. I also have issues and challenges. After key insights from working with the nervous system, I furthered my education in this area and now integrate this knowledge into my holistic coaching and Reiki sessions.

Coaching für Frauen - Holistic Content

The focus is not on quickly reaching a destination, but on building a sustainable foundation that serves as your anchor and provides strength.

Why choose holistic coaching
for women?

Recurring periods of exhaustion following a viral illness in 2008 and my everyday life as an employee guided me to develop my holistic approach and especially my Holistic Coaching. These coachings incorporate your natural energies, cycles, nervous system, and much more.

I want to encourage you to follow your path, perhaps by building and developing your own business, in harmony with your true self, free from the pressures of society, and achieving financial independence. I know from my own experience that this is not always easy. But it is possible.

The goal is not to arrive somewhere quickly, but to build a sustainable foundation that serves as your anchor and source of strength.

Some facts

15+ years of experience in marketing, PR, and business development.

Location-independent since 2018.

8+ years of experience with holistic companies and entrepreneurs.

More than 50% of clients come through referrals.

Since 2020, I have been coaching women in the healing and wellbeing fields to realize their business visions.

Susann Pallarz Holistic Coach für Frauen (2)


What keeps me balanced

Time for being, balance between solitude & being among people, QiGong & GuanJing, time in nature, swimming in the sea


Favorite food

Blueberries And mashed potatoes. Enjoyed on their own :)



Coffee, cracking ice cubes


What brings me joy

Wildflowers, swimming in the sea, quality time with loved ones, surfing, wind in my hair

Further education & Co

  • Bachelor’s degree in International Tourism Management from the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund
  • Studying journalism through distance learning at the Free Journalism School Berlin
  • Reiki Level 1&2 (Lucia Tamburrini, Anna Haack)
  • Chakra healing with Anna Haack
  • Building an online business with Amanda Kolbye
  • Holistic Coaching for Women (certified by IPHM), BeKind Holistic Healing
  • Nervous System Reset with Jamie McCoy
  • Training in trauma-sensitive support, nervous system & Ayurveda with Natalie Bürk
  • Energy Movement with TingTing Guan, GuanJingMethod
  • The rest: life & work experience and inner wisdom.


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