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Manifest your dreams

You’ve probably heard about manifestation before. Pippi Longstocking once said: “I see the world my way” – as in: I create my life how I want to. You can do the same, with the help of manifestation.

What this means: You bring yourself to the vibrational level of your dream and thus attract the desired scenario into your life.

Sounds simple – and with a little pracise, it is.

A first step is to use meditation, visualization or other tools to imagine your desired result in such a way that you can feel it in your body.

You then carry this feeling that you create with you as often and as long as possible. Because your brain cannot distinguish between reality and imagination and perceives everything you feel as “real”.

Further steps are, among others:

– Your actions are aligned with your desired result.

– You embody the person who already has your desired result with every pore of your being.

– You let go of limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your desired outcome.

– You let go of “how” your desired result is entering your life.

– You let go of your desired result.

You want to get started and manifest your perfect lifestyle?

Take a first step with this visualization: