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How I Learned to Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business.

How I learned to balance the masculine and feminine energy in business.

How I Learned to Balance Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business.

  • Why you need them both to be the leader and inspiration you wish to be.

  • How they help you to grow your business sustainably.

  • How you can nourish both energies for a more balanced life.

One reason for starting my online business was to get out of that hustling, performance-driven environment I found myself in again and again, no matter which new position I started. Read on how I learned to integrate my masculine and feminine energy for a more balanced approach to working and living. 

But first, let’s dive briefly into the yin and yang, our feminine and masculine energies, that each of us carries within. 

What is considered masculine energy?

When we step into our masculine energy or the divine masculine, we are in the state of doing. This is when we plan, strive, control or act from our logical, analytical mind. 

What is considered feminine energy?

The feminine, on the other hand, is a more receiving state. We are in a flow, ALLOWING things to come to us without pushing it. We are more intuitive, creative and soft. 

Masculine-driven years

I started my career working as a project manager in a travel & event agency, followed by working as a PR consultant for European-wide projects in a PR agency. Until around the age of 30 I was convinced that working over hours, being available and in doing mode all the time was necessary to be successful. 

And I enjoyed it, too.  I also got a lot of appreciation and validation from it. Even though with 27 a virus hit me pretty hard, taking me out of the hustling for some years, I did not recognize the signs. While I managed to move from practising kick-boxing 3-5 times a week, on top of a busy work environment, to adding yoga and meditation to my private life, I still aimed to get back to working a lot. I was beating me up for not being able to get as many things done as before the virus. 

You can guess the result: It took forever to really overcome that virus. But somehow I could get back to working a lot, travelling all over Europe for my work as a PR-Consultant. 

I was in doing mode aka my masculine energy ALL THE TIME. Resting or receiving? Those parts did not belong to my life unless I was forced to. Even in yoga, I chose Yang-focussed Flow classes over Restorative or Yin ones. 

After three years I was tired of travelling Europe for the job, was constantly overworked and exhausted. What once was a fun work, became a hard every day core to follow. At the same time, I also felt the call to go away again, leaving the busy city of Berlin. 

Learning about the holistic approach to life

Another two years later, I went to Sri Lanka, starting to work in an Ayurveda Hotel as a Reservation & Marketing Manager. 

You might think in that holistic surrounding, I would learn to live more balanced. I did though – and realized very soon that working 5 -6 days a week full time and more in a shift system, being available all the time also did not add to my wellbeing. 

Fast-forward another few years and another similar experience,  I realized the pattern: No matter in which working surrounding I placed myself in – even in the holistic ones, I always ended up in the same scenario. Overworked and exhausted, even though I liked the actual task. 

Integrating the feminine energy

When founding my own business, one of the main goals for how this should look for me was to do it differently. To not exhaust and overwork myself, but to integrate more time for pleasure, joy, relaxation and being. 

All those years I was totally in my masculine energy. Was I successful? Yes. Was I balanced? No. 

Once I realized that, I focussed a lot on nurturing my feminine energy. More rest, more being, more flow and creative expression. 

It also meant giving more space for my emotions to be. 

I felt more vulnerable, often not understood, weaker and less productive. However, I also felt more connected to myself, to my truth. Most of our Western society is not really a support if you are not “performing” in terms of adding results to the economy. Once I was not “performing” the Western way any more, I also felt a lot more separation. 

I still committed to nurturing my feminine and following that path – as even though I did not get a lot of “confirmation” in terms of appreciation or validation from the outside (which we should not aim for anyway), I did feel deep within that I was moving in the – for me – right direction. 

Was I more successful? Not so sure about that. In terms of having a 6-figure business after 1 year? No. For my own wellbeing? Yes. A lot of healing could occur when I gave space for my feminine energy. And a lot of growth, too. 

Balancing masculine and feminine energy in business

However, during some parts of this journey while focussing so much on my feminine out of being scared to slide into that masculine-driven doing person again, I also lost focus. The more creative ideas flushed my mind, the less I knew what to bring into life. 

So, I learned to nourish masculine AND feminine energy and integrate them both in my life and business. 

We can be in our feminine energy to connect within, and be in a creative flow. And then we can use our masculine energy to step into the necessary actions and convert this creativity into inspiring articles, posts or podcast interviews. 

We can have the vision of healing people or helping them with our services, and then taking inspired action to bring that vision into reality.

We can attend a restorative yoga class on Mondays and do two surf sessions on Tuesdays. Only doing restorative is probably not building up strength in the form that a strengthening Yang practice is. At the same time, does that Yang practice not give us the relaxation and recovery our body and mind need to recharge. 

Balancing masculine and feminine energy in your Business can look like

  • Working 3 days in a row until late night, using your energetic flow, and then having days totally being offline and not doing anything for your biz at all. 
  • It can be connecting within to come up with your content pillars and then bringing those pillars to life by texting captions for your social media or writing a blog article. 
  • It also means to work aligned with your cycles. Using certain energetic parts of your day/month/year for logical and rather rational tasks, and others for creative ones. 

Feminine energy examples:

  • Intuitive nudges for offers coming up
  • Creativity flow of new ideas
  • Vision of your next workshop
  • Getting a massage as part of your business routine (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Moving from a state of natural being
  • Cocreating with other women rather than being competitive

Masculine energy examples:

  • Discipline to show up 
  • Scheduling the posts for the upcoming months
  • Planning a strategy around how to promote the new ideas/offer/etc.
  • Building a webpage for the services you are offering
  • Knowing your analytics and using them to your advantage
  • Commitment to take aligned action towards the vision that arose from your feminine essence

What integrating masculine and feminine energy in my business taught me

As I am focussing on integrating both energies in my life, I feel more balanced while I am creating the results I envision.

I am giving space for both energies to flourish. Starting with the essence of my feminine energy and then taking the masculine to complete. 



Balancing feminine and masculine aspects of your business is also part of my 1:1 MENTORINGS. This can look very individual for every one of us and might require some initial guidance and objective observer. Which is what I am here for, to be that guide while you are accessing your own feminine & masculine power to grow your business sustainably.