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Money Mindset for Healers and Spiritual Teachers

Money Mindset for Healers and Spiritual Teachers

How your energy influences your prices

Is it difficult for you to charge money for your healing sessions and spiritual services? You follow your purpose and act from your heart rather than focussing on making money? This money mindset can be the reason, why you are (not yet) able to pay all your bills by working as a healer or spiritual teacher.

I have been there, too. Still today I regularly work on my money mindset. Especially, because I am living in countries like Sri Lanka or Bali, where income contrasts are quite big, I am challenged again and again on how to set my prices.
But why should your spiritual or healing work be compensated differently than for example the work of a bank employee? What is the difference?

Money is Energy

Money is nothing else than energy. The energy you receive for the energy you give. Even the laws of nature prove: Everything is flowing, everything is energy and everything is giving and taking. If you are giving your energy in a healing session, it is natural that you are also getting energy in return.

My Reiki teacher once told me: if you give Reiki without receiving something in return, the results of your session will be affected. I was rebelling inside. As I felt it was my purpose to heal others with my Reiki skills, rather than taking something for it. Very suddenly I realized that my teacher was right. It did not matter if it was some fruit, a warm meal, or money – the moment people were able to give something to get my Reiki, the value of my service increased for them and with that the effect on their health.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you: If you download a free ebook, you probably do not read it at all, never finish, or procrastinate. If you purchase the same book, the probability of you reading it is much higher.

The Value of My Work vs. My Value

When it comes to calculating the “right” price for your services, I often hear people say: You have to know your worth. Is it true? Is what somebody is paying mirroring your self-worth?
I have another opinion on that. What value has the transformation you are providing for your clients? Which value are you creating with your service and what would you like to get in return? By asking this the following happens:

  • You detach yourself from your business. It is not about your self-value, it is about which investment is required to experience the transformation you are offering. 

In terms of choosing the wording:

    • By talking about investment instead of price, your client automatically is changing perspective from “This costs me xy” to “Am I ok to invest xy (in myself)?”
    What if somebody cannot afford my prices?

    If you would like to generate a consistent income with your spiritual or healing services, you will have to charge money at some point. You will establish a pricing model that enables you to pay your bills and even fulfill your dreams and wishes. In my coachings, we always check in with your base. Here you are defining your soulmate client. Usually, this includes what he/she is willing to invest. By declaring this in your foundation, you set the tone of which client you would like to attract.

    Does that mean you are selfish and just want to offer your services to people who can afford them?

    I do not want to judge this as I believe you should decide this for yourself. Still, I understand if there might be a slight rebellion inside you. For me, I decided to offer my services to different income classes. That’s why I came up with the following solution:

    There are my soulmate clients who are willing to pay my prices for my services. And everyone who would like to get my services but cannot afford it, I am offering the following alternatives – in a balanced way:

    • free content on my social media channels, as freebies, Q&A sessions, webinars, etc.
    • payment plans
    • donation-based workshops and sessions
    • Community Events

    This feels like a good way to me. As an expat, I want to have different pricing models. Often times, the income devide between westernized and developing countries is quite big, and even within western countries there are big income gaps. Therefore, it is essential that you find an option that feels good to you.

    How Your Energy Influences Your Charisma

    A propros feeling good…
    Another important aspect when setting your prices: No matter what other healers or spiritual teachers in your area ask for, it is important that YOU feel good with what you charge. If you charge high prices just because everyone else does, but do not have a confident feeling doing so, you appear inauthentic and your clients will sense it.

    The same happens if you think you should offer your services at a low rate because you are just starting. Of course, the market plays a role and I do not want to say that you should ignore the prices of your competitors. It surely is a good guidance. But first of all, you should define for yourself which transformation you are offering and how much you want to charge for it.

    Try what works for you and do not forget: it is your healing business, your journey as a spiritual teacher and you decide what feels good and right to you.
    This ‘being-in-the-flow-feeling’ with what you are doing is, among other things, what your clients perceive as authentic and which again creates your uniqueness.

    About Giving Back

    There is one more thought I would like to share with you.
    The moment you earn money, you are able to invest in others and yourself as well. This again helps others to generate an income and invest in people like you. Everything is flowing. 

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